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Filter equipment refers to the mechanical equipment or device used for filtration
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Filter equipment refers to the mechanical equipment or device used for filtration, and is a common general equipment in industrial production. The filter equipment is generally divided into two categories: vacuum and pressurization. The commonly used vacuum types include rotary drum, disc, horizontal belt type, etc., and the commonly used pressurized types include filter press, pressing, dynamic filtration and rotary type.


(1) Oil suction filter equipment: The filter equipment is installed on the suction pipeline of the pump, and it filters out the residual pollutants in the oil tank and the pollutants entering through the air holes, which has the function of protecting the pump. However, in order to avoid the phenomenon of cavitation in the pump, full attention must be paid to the pressure loss. Generally, a thick metal mesh or a notch wire material with a purpose of 100-200 is used. Therefore, it is not a filter device that controls the contamination concentration of the system.

(2) High-pressure pipeline filter equipment (A): It is installed on the outlet pipeline of the pump to protect the pollutants from entering the system. Therefore, the pollutant concentration of the system can be controlled. However, because it is a high-pressure main line, it is subject to the pulsation and pressure of the pump, so the material and strength of the filter element should be carefully considered.

(3) High-pressure pipeline filter equipment (B): In the system, in order to protect hydraulic parts that are particularly sensitive to pollution, this filter equipment is installed, also known as terminal filter equipment. Therefore, it is often smaller than the filtration particle size of other filter equipment. Therefore, when using, choose a large capacity. In addition, the material and strength of the element should also be fully considered as in (A).

(4) Return filter equipment: It is installed on the oil return pipeline of the system, and its function is to capture the pollutants generated or invaded in the system before returning to the oil tank. Therefore, it is the most effective and important filter equipment to control the pollution concentration of the system. Although it is a low-pressure pipeline, pulsation or pressure shock may also occur according to the operating conditions of the transmission, so the material and strength of the components should be fully considered.

(5) Circulating filter equipment: It is located on the oil return road of the oil tank circulation. The capacity of the system is large, so it is often used when strict cleanliness is required. Even if the system is not working, the pollutants in the oil tank can be captured to , therefore, the efficiency of reducing the pollution concentration is the best. In addition, a cooler is installed, which has the advantages of simultaneous cooling and easy maintenance. However, special pumps and motors are required, and the cost is high.

(6) Air filter equipment: It is installed on the fuel tank to prevent pollutants from being mixed into the fuel tank with the air due to the change of the fuel volume of the fuel tank. Therefore, the filtration accuracy should have the same performance as the filter equipment, and the capacity should have enough room to prevent the internal pressure of the fuel tank from becoming negative pressure due to hole blockage, causing the cavitation of the pump. Be especially careful when the surrounding environment is harsh.

(7) Electroplating filter equipment: It is set outside the electroplating tank and has the function of filtering electroplating chemical potions.

Working Principle

A simple filter is formed by dividing the container into upper and lower chambers with filter media. The suspension is added to the upper chamber, and enters the lower chamber through the filter medium under pressure to become filtrate, and the solid particles are trapped on the surface of the filter medium to form a filter residue (or filter cake).

During the filtration process, the filter residue layer existing on the surface of the filter medium gradually thickens, the resistance of the liquid passing through the filter residue layer increases, and the filtration speed decreases. When the filter chamber is full of filter residues or the filtration speed is too low, the filtration is stopped, the filter residues are removed, and the filter medium is regenerated to complete a filtration cycle.

The liquid passing through the filter residue layer and the filter medium must overcome the resistance, so there must be a pressure difference on both sides of the filter medium, which is the driving force to realize the filtration. Increasing the pressure difference can speed up the filtration, but the deformed particles are easy to block the pores of the filter medium when the pressure difference is large, and the filtration is slowed down.

There are three ways to filter the suspension: filter residue layer filtration, depth filtration and sieve filtration. ①Filter residue layer filtration: In the initial stage of filtration, the filter medium can only retain large solid particles, and the small particles pass through the filter medium with the filtrate. After the initial filter residue layer is formed, the filter residue layer plays a major role in filtration. At this time, both large and small particles are trapped, such as the filtration of plate and frame filter presses. ②Deep filtration: The filter medium is thicker, and the suspension contains less solid particles, and the particles are smaller than the pores of the filter medium. During filtration, the particles are adsorbed in the pores after entering, such as the filtration of porous plastic tube filters and sand filters. ③Screening: The solid particles retained by filtration are larger than the pores of the filter medium, and the solid particles are not adsorbed inside the filter medium, such as the rotary drum filter screen to filter out coarse impurities in the sewage. In the actual filtering process, the three ways often appear simultaneously or sequentially.

Application field

1. Filtration of domestic water and production process water.

2. Pretreatments such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, softening, and ion exchange.

3. Seawater purification is used for seawater breeding, and factory seawater and freshwater aquaculture water is filtered.

4. Oilfield reinjection water filtration.

5. The circulating cooling water is filtered.

6. Reclaimed water reuse, advanced wastewater treatment and filtration.

7. Steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, automobile, food, metallurgy, electroplating, circuit board and other industries circulating water filtration.

8. Turbidity removal and purification of groundwater and surface water.

9. Central air conditioning, boiler return water filtration.

10. Equipment that has certain requirements for water quality should filter the water supply.

11. Pool and landscape water purification.

12. Filtration for municipal, green space spraying, watering, agricultural sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

PP electroplating filter

Circulating filtration of various electroplating liquids

*The filter cartridge and the bottom cover are made of PP material and are integrally formed by injection molding, with the least welding points, reducing the probability of leakage, and having the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

*Applications: coating, PCB, PDH, chemical electroplating, wastewater treatment equipment, pharmaceutical environmental protection, and surface treatment technology.

*The electroplating filter presses the impurity potion into the filter barrel through the pump, and then filters the filter element to remove the impurity, so as to obtain high-precision clean potion.

Safety switch device, when the motor is overloaded or single-phase running, the safety switch will automatically cut off the power supply, thus protecting the motor from damage.

* Motor protective cover to ensure that the motor is not easily corroded in acid gas.

*High-precision filtration, wide filtration area, high efficiency, simple operation and easy cleaning.

* Various types of filter media can be selected for replacement according to the customer's use conditions. Self-cleaning circulation loop and activated carbon treatment device can be added, which is easy to operate and can be used in different environmental conditions.

PP Electroplating Filter Bulk Pump Filter Chemical Liquid Filter Double Barrel Filter PVC Filter


1. The machine adopts the design of double-tower filter barrels. The first tower is mainly used to filter out the particulate impurities in the potion. The second column conducts activated carbon filtration. Remove organic compounds in the potion, and then filter through the filter element in the lower half of the third activated carbon barrel to make the filtered liquid cleaner

2. The filter material in the first tower can choose filter element, filter paper, star fruit type, filter tube type, which are interchangeable.

3. The main body and main parts of the filter are all made of PP plastic-steel material in one-piece molding production, which achieves the advantages of international patents with the fewest welding points and the best leakage resistance, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

4. The change of different filter materials can be selected according to the customer, and the activated carbon rapid stirring circulation loop treatment device can be installed, and the operation is simple.

It has the advantages of the international patent with the best anti-leakage property, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

PP Filter
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