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PP Stirring Tank

The polypropylene stirring tank produced by our company has been widely used in chemical
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The polypropylene stirring tank produced by our company has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, grease, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. In the case of no pressure, due to its strong corrosion resistance and high operating temperature, Coupled with the characteristics of light weight, easy installation and operation, it has widely replaced mixing and mixing equipment made of other materials. Especially when it is used for stirring and mixing materials that cannot contact metal, the equipment can play a better role; compared with stirring equipment of other materials, its lower production cost can greatly reduce the user's equipment investment cost.

The mixers of this equipment are: paddle mixer, frame mixer and anchor mixer. Performance characteristics Operating pressure: slightly positive pressure Operating temperature: -10℃~90℃ Strong corrosion resistance, convenient operation, long service life and light weight: it is beneficial to the transportation, installation and maintenance of the equipment.

The company supplies: graphite modified polypropylene falling film absorber, condenser, heat exchanger; polypropylene waste gas purification tower, absorption tower, washing tower; vacuum metering tank, high level tank, buffer tank; vacuum filter, filter tank ; Stirring tank; Reactor, vertical and horizontal storage tanks, storage tanks; Ion exchanger; Polypropylene water jet vacuum unit; PE microporous precision filter; ) and various polypropylene non-standard equipment and accessories.

The electroplating tank is the most basic support in electroplating equipment.

Material: There are PP material, PVC material, PVDF material, glass fiber reinforced plastic groove material, stainless steel groove material, masonry granite material, PTFE material (can be used in any acid) and other materials of the tank body.

The electroplating tank is used to install the solution for zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, gold plating, etc. The cathode moving electroplating tank is composed of a steel tank lined with soft polyvinyl chloride plastic tank body, a conductive device, a steam heating tube and a cathode moving device. The tank body can also be made of steel frame lined with hard polyvinyl chloride plastic. The choice of the tank body structure depends on factors such as the nature and temperature of the electroplating bath. It consists of a motor, a reducer, an eccentric disc, a connecting rod and a pole supporting roller.

The main components of the tank include tank body, solution heating and cooling device, conductive device and stirring device. The tank body sometimes directly holds solutions such as hot water tanks, and sometimes the basic requirements of the lining matrix or skeleton, such as steel tanks, are no leakage and have a certain rigidity and strength, so as to avoid damage to the lining layer due to excessive deformation of the tank body; steel The bottom of the groove should be 100mm~120mm from the ground to prevent serious corrosion.

Attachment: Characteristics and application of polypropylene PP material

1、 Characteristics

1. Corrosion resistance

2. Anti-rust

3. Portability

4. High temperature resistance

5. Anti-aging and long service life

6. Excellent surface finish

7. Sufficient thermal stability

8. Low thermal melting rate and excellent surface smoothness, which are well recognized by food grade


1. Manufacturing and processing of chemical storage tanks

2. High acid and alkali solution reservoir

3. Processing equipment and building materials

4. Electronic electroplating equipment container

5. Laboratory equipment and utensils

6. General processing equipment

7. Scrubber, air filtration system, conduit system

8. Waste gas treatment and washing system

9. Pickling equipment for circuit printed boards

10. Electroplating tank

11. Medical application components

12. Computer digital machining centers and precision equipment components

3、Application industry

1. Chemical processing industry

2. Surface treatment industry

3. Medicine

4. Life Sciences

4、Product range

1. Thickness: 3mm-30mm

2. Color: natural color, gray, white

PP Stirring Tank
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PP Stirring Tank
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